What to Bring With You on a Guided ATV Tour


Deciding what to bring along for the ride is always important for any kind of motorized adventure, and guided ATV tours to some of the most beautiful parts of our country are no exception. Taking a few minutes to identify and pack up some essentials before your tour can go a long way to making it not only more convenient, but also more enjoyable. 

At Mild to Wild Rhino Tours, we’re happy to offer the vest ATV and UTV side-by-side tours around, to locations ranging from Zion National Park to other parts of Southern Utah. We’ll assist our clients with any and all preparation needs ahead of their tour, including some simple recommendations on what to bring with you for the ride. Here are some simple recommendations.

Proper Clothing

While we provide all the necessary safety gear, including helmets, gloves, glasses and more for our clients, we recommend that you come prepared with the proper clothing for an off-road adventure. This includes closed-toe shoes, long pants, and layers that can be adjusted according to the temperature.

If you don’t think about this area ahead of time, you might be left feeling cold, hot, or uncomfortable during your tour. Remember that even in the middle of summer, it can get chilly at night in some parts of the country.

Water and Snacks

Staying hydrated is important no matter what kind of physical activity you’re undertaking, but it’s especially important when you’re out in the desert heat on an ATV. Make sure to bring along enough water for yourself, as well as some snacks to keep your energy up.

Camera and/or Well-Equipped Phone

For many people, getting some pictures is one of the key draws of going on an ATV tour. Whether you’re looking to document the stunning natural landscape or just capture some memories with friends, make sure you bring along a camera or phone that can take good quality pictures.

There will be many opportunities to utilize a camera or phone during your tour, whether it’s taking a picture of the group before setting out or snapping a selfie while enjoying the view from atop a sand dune.

Maps or Other Guides

While our ATV tour guides will be with you every step of the way and are very familiar with the area, it can’t hurt to have your own map or other guidebook along. This way, you can refer to it whenever you want and learn more about the places you’re visiting.

At Mild to Wild Rhino Tours, we offer a variety of different ATV and UTV tours that are perfect for any kind of adventurer. And with our help, you can be sure that you’re fully prepared for the ride with everything you need. Contact us today to book your tour.

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